Testimonials (Don’t just take our word for it.)

We are so grateful for the kind words of our customers in support of the work we have done for them.  Read below to find out why so many of them recommend us to their own friends and families.


The purpose of this letter is to recommend ShelCidy Custom Remodeling, Inc. to other condominium property management companies in need of knowledgeable, reliable contractors.

ShelCidy Custom Remodeling has the capability and experience to undertake any size remodeling project, complete it within schedule and with superior quality.

The many condominium remodels we have seen completed at Longboat Key Towers by ShelCidy have been executed with the utmost care and consideration for neighboring residents and employees alike. They are conscientious about maintaining working areas clean both inside and out and they are well versed in our condominium rules and priorities. ShelCidy has a very high customer satisfaction rating with our residents and we are always secure when referring them to our clients. Their subcontractors are all licensed, insured and have proven themselves as quality tradesmen in their own right.

I would highly recommend ShelCidy to any property management company, resort company or individual seeking a high standard of workmanship.

Carman Lowther
LCAM Manager
Longboat Key Towers

Letter to Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

After years of frustration looking for a contractor that knew what he was doing, we were referred to ShelCidy, owned by Mr. Dewey Brannon and have been exceptionally happy.

We moved into our home in Sarasota six years ago. We thought buying a new house would save us aggravation. Everything would be new and built to the newer codes. Well that didn’t turn out to be our reality and we were stuck in a home with multiple and sometimes major problems most dealing with water intrusion. We hired contractor after contractor and no one seem to have any solutions for us. One contractor thought he knew and after he did his work and we paid him a fortune, it turned out he didn’t know. Mr. Brannon and his very fine crew addressed every problem we had. The list of work we needed is too long to go into and I don’t want to bore you, but all I can say is this crew was the most professional, most able, and most efficient. It wasn’t his crew alone either. Every sub Mr. Brannon brought into our house was thoughtful and courteous as well as highly skilled, something you just don’t see around here too often.

I really can’t say enough about this fine company and thought you should know.

Donna Salzberg

My wife and I have been onsite managers at Fisherman’s Haven for 7 plus years. In that time we’ve had remodeling done in many of our 36 units. The best experience we’ve had in that period was with Dewey Brannon and ShelCidy Custom Remodeling, Inc. We were always informed of workers on site, incoming equipment, etc. There were never any surprises. All work was done in a very professional manner and closely supervised at all times. We would highly recommend ShelCidy for any of your remodeling needs.

Mike Bartalsky
Onsite Manager
Fisherman’s Haven

From the beginning to the end of the project, I was impressed with the care and attention to every detail. This resulted in 100% satisfaction with the remodeling and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Mary Clarke

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for doing an outstanding job on the remodeling of our kitchen and two bathrooms. Everything looks fantastic! The quality of work, the management of the project, and the positive response from the staff at the Sanctuary confirm that you and your subcontractors, under the supervision of Adam, have gone the extra mile to do an extraordinary job.

The work was completed in record time while we were in Illinois. Adam kept us informed every step of the way. He always represented our interests with individual subcontractors and vendors. His attention to detail and follow through are commendable!

You, Adam, and Lupe are to be congratulated for the fine work and caring manner in which you do business. I look forward to recommending you to anyone who is seeking your services. We greatly appreciate all that you have done. Thank you.

Jack and Sheila Marks

ShelCidy worked on our condo in The Landings in Sarasota, FL. They remodeled our kitchen, two bathrooms, and performed minor wall repairs and flooring changes in the entry, den, and laundry room. The crew first protected common areas and furnishings, completed demolition in an orderly way, and rebuilt or repaired areas in preparation for new cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and trim.

The process went smoothly and the subcontractors were managed very well. The work was excellent and professionally managed.

Terry Black

We chose ShelCidy Custom Remodeling because of their excellent workmanship. We were also sold on the professionalism of Dewey Brannon, who explained the process and who we would be dealing with. All subcontractors were very professional and the work was done in a timely fashion.

We are extremely delighted with the outcome. The result of the job is awesome and our friends who have seen it were very impressed.

William & Karen Cornelius

ShelCidy remodeled the kitchen in our condo on Longboat Key. The job was completed professionally, on time and within budget. We would absolutely recommend ShelCidy to others.

Arthur & Judy Coren

From demolition to finish, I was consulted on every choice, selection of materials and correction of problems on the existing structure every step of the way. Dewey and his staff made great suggestions that worked in my home better than I could have perceived. The end result looks like a ‘house beautiful’ portrait. The new look and improvements are a joy to live with.

Kathy DeNiro

ShelCidy went above and beyond my expectations. If I had any questions or concerns, they were addressed immediately and the staff was very professional and honest. I would most definitely recommend their services to others.

Jeffry Browne

In September 2005 my wife, Marylou, and I began the arduous process of finding a General Contractor to expand our “Captains Loft” on our home in Venice, FL. The “Captains Loft” was a 14′ x 14′ 3rd story loft on a Key West style home, accessed by a spiral staircase. We were essentially doubling the size of the room and adding an additional deck that cantilevered over the swimming pool. Luckily we fond the draftsman that drew the original house plans and were able to get him on board to put this idea into fruition.

That was the easy part.

The hard part was finding a General Contractor. Most of the contractors we contacted told us how difficult it was to do this job because of access to the room, (it being three stories above the ground.) We did, however, get 3 quotes on the job. Dewey Brannon of ShelCidy Custom Remodeling, Inc. seemed to be the most professional and the most willing to take on this project. The other constraint was that we needed the job finished by December 31, 2005. Dewey immediately took on the task of securing the building permits and was able to get underway right after Thanksgiving. He assured us that barring any bizarre circumstances he would have the job completed on time and on budget. Seeing is believing and good to his word, Dewey Brannon finished on time just as he promised. He has a remarkable crew of subcontractors who understood his sense of urgency and produces this project in 5 weeks. The work was meticulously done and everything was perfect.

Needless to say, when we planned another re-model job on our house in Nokomis, FL, we thought of no one else but Dewey Brannon.

On this house, we closed in an existing carport, added on a new two car garage and built a deck around the east side of the house. We also had an entirely new A/C unit installed and the whole house re-roofed. This project began in mid-June, 2006 and was completed by the beginning of October 2006. This project, when completed, was another fine example of extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail. Dewey Brannon and his team put together a house that essentially took on a whole new personality.

We recently purchased a home in Sarasota and our only disappointment was that it did not need to be re-modeled. But I can assure you that should we again undertake another remodeling job, Dewey Brannon of ShelCidy Custom Remodeling, Inc. will be our guy.

David Hood

Thank you for the wonderful work you did on our house. Spending all the money and going through the remodeling process can be stressful; however, your professionalism and relaxed demeanor made us feel relaxed. You have several qualities that make ShelCidy Custom Remodeling a success.

The folder that you gave us during our first meeting contained useful information that we used throughout the remodeling process. Items such as references, furniture storage options, and information about ShelCidy are useful and practical to anyone going through the remodeling process.

Your ability to keep the costs under control is a major plus. I always appreciated the fact that you shared your expense ledger with us. Several items ran over the estimate, usually caused by changes we made during the remodeling, and other items ran under your estimated costs for which you credited our account.

Another big plus is your ability to keep the project moving on time. Several of your subcontractors mentioned how much they like working for you. They also mentioned that you give them a reasonable amount of time to complete their project, and you expect them to stay on time.

We also enjoyed your ability to be flexible. We made several changes during the remodel. You always listened and added your input, then made it work. Also, if we had questions during the remodeling about something that was being done, you were always a phone call away to answer our questions.

We are enjoying the house, and we thank ShelCidy Custom Remodeling for building our dream interior.

Venice Resident

My husband and I are new homeowners on Longboat Key, and presently live in Boston. Our home here needed extensive renovation, and initially we were daunted by the task of managing a major construction project from such a great distance. We interviewed seven contractors who had been recommended. When we interviewed ShelCidy Custom Remodeling, Dewey Brannon brought various subcontractors the next day in order to give us a fairly accurate estimate of the cost and scope of the work to be done. We were impressed. We returned to Boston, and Dewey sent us a preliminary contract. We took it to Hawaii with us, called him with the changes, and he sent us a new contract before we finished our round of golf.

When we first met Dewey Brannon of ShelCidy Custom Remodeling, we were impressed by his attention to detail, his ability to listen to what we wanted to do, and his willingness to work within our budget.

Dewey and his project manager Adam have managed every detail, and the timeliness and quality of the work performed has been excellent. There were unforeseen difficulties with pip corrosion and major wall rot due to improper flashing in the original building. However, we were consulted each step of the way, and in every detail. At one point, when a decision had to be made about the placement of the backsplash tiles, I said, “You know what I like, and I trust you to make the right decision.”

I have been involved with many other building projects over the years, and I have never worked with a company which has been so completely professional and honest. The finished work is superb, the contracted time was on schedule, and the people of ShelCidy are a complete joy to work with.

There are so many horror stories about unscrupulous builders. This is not one of them. This is a story of gratitude and thanks to Dewey Brannon and the people of ShelCidy Custom Remodeling.

Sharon Smith

Our home in Jacaranda West is about 30 years old and needed updating in both the interior and exterior. We met with Dewey (Brannon) several times and he was very attentive to our suggestions, as well as providing good ideas of his own. During the entire project, communication with Dewey was on a regular basis. Any questions or issues were always discussed with us before any action was taken.

ShelCidy was recommended to us by friends of ours and our expectations were met in every way. We would recommend ShelCidy to anyone looking to remodel. They do what they say they will do, the communication is great and their sub contractors were top notch.

Robert & Donna Sutton

The purpose of this letter is to recommend ShelCidy Custom Remodeling, Inc. I am a Senior Real Estate Manager for CB Richard Ellis, an internationally recognized Full Service Real Estate Company. My portfolio consists of Commercial Office Properties. Although I live and work in Richmond, Virginia, I have seen some of ShelCidy’s projects during my visits to Florida. One of the projects was in Longboat Key. Their workmanship and professionalism are Exceptional!

I am impressed to see they really stand by their core philosophies of Quality and Integrity.

I would recommend this company to any homeowner or organization. I also hope they will expand their business into the Commercial arena so our organization can do business with them!

Cassandra M. Combs, CPM
Senior Real Estate Manager
CB Richard Ellis

We chose ShelCidy after we received three unsolicited recommendations from local contractors: a window contractor, a painting contractor and a floor tile contractor. We felt that their bid was well done.

After the initial quote and our acceptance, a schedule was made. Work was done on time and the job site was kept clean and secure. We felt that ShelCidy was reliable, dependable, and helpful. We remain very pleased with the project.

William & Shirley Geoffrion

My name is Rudolf Becker and my wife and I own a condominium located in Venice, Florida. In the summer of 2007 we decided to have our condo completely redone and contracted with ShelCidy and Dewey Brannon to do the work.

I have remodeled two other homes and a number of buildings in my business. I am pleased to tell you that of all the contractors I have ever worked with Dewey and ShelCidy are without question the best. They simply did an outstanding job from start to finish. The quality of the work was outstanding, all the construction was done in the time promised, and there were no surprises. I believe there are several reasons for the success of ShelCidy. First, they did an incredibly detailed proposal and took the time to have all the subcontractors look at the job in detail before we signed the contract. Second, Dewey and his staff were on top of the job every moment. They were easy to reach and always returned calls. Third, Dewey has assembled subcontractors that are extremely gifted in what they do.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you and anyone that may ask, that I recommend Dewey Brannon and ShelCidy without reservation. I honestly can’t think of one thing they could have done better on this project.

Rudolf B. Becker
Becker Orthopedic