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Choosing the Right Shower for Your Bathroom Remodel


When you decide its time for a custom remodel for your bathroom, you can make a big impact by going big on the shower. Think about how the bathroom functions for you. Do you ever really use that sunken tub or Jacuzzi? Sarasota remodeling contractors say sunken tubs or giant…  
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Idea Books for Custom Remodeling

kitchen remodeling with flexible countertop

Do you have an idea book for your home remodeling visions? What’s an idea book, you ask?  It’s a great way to keep track of all the designs, materials and ideas you like.  We recommend it to anyone who’s planning a Sarasota home addition.   It’s a way to put your…  
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Remodeling? Find the Right Contractor for the Job

Longboat Key Condo Remodeling 2

The most important part of a custom remodel of your kitchen or bathroom or adding a master suite isn’t your choice of granite countertops or looking at other Sarasota home additions. It’s what happens before the custom remodel even begins. It’s finding and hiring the right contractor for the job….  
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Working Together: Custom Builders and Interior Designers

custom builder and interior designer

A custom builder is not an interior designer, nor is the inverse true.  An interior designer is not a custom builder.  However, if the two work together, you’ll find yourself with a perfect mix of form, function and beauty.  The two have a symbiotic relationship of sorts, relying on one…  
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Storage Solutions to Include in Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodeling

No matter what the size of your kitchen may be, there never seems to be enough counter or storage space. You’ll want to stow away as much as possible when you have guests, but you need easy access to these kitchen gadgets when you’re cooking daily. Today’s kitchen remodeling projects…  
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Best 5 Home Additions to Improve Your Home Value

Home additions

The top five reasons to build a home addition: 5. If your house is dated, then a home addition can help. Usually homes over 20 years old are either severely dated or in disrepair and just need a little TLC. A home addition can be just that and in some…  
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Importance of Master Suite in Home Addition


The Master Suite can be a place of respite for you after a long day. It can add value if you’re reselling or it can add valuable quality to your life if you’re staying in your home. Today’s home additions often include a master suite, complete with sitting room, carefully…  
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You’ve Been Floored


If you’re floored by all the choices in flooring for your remodeled kitchen or bathroom, look to universal design concepts to help narrow your selection. Floors should be easy on the legs, allow for smooth movement with assisted walking devices or wheelchairs, be easy to clean and seamless as rooms…  
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Putting the “Universal” Back in Universal Design

Universal Design

Universal design is commonly known as designs that apply to everyone – the young, old, mobile, healthy, struggling or handicapped. Universal design is becoming more common in renovations for people who plan to age in place. As more Baby Boomers enter their golden years, they are becoming aware of necessary…  
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Remodeling With Respect – What You Should Know When Choosing a Builder


When you choose a builder for a remodeling project, naturally you want to feel comfortable that the building team will take good care of your home and your property. You’ll need to trust the building team to respect your home both when you’re present and when you’re not at home….  
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