Wicker Furniture: Home Interior Design Ideas

Wicker furniture has been popular for many years, especially in the more temperate climates. It’s uses can be traced back to the early Egyptian and Roman cultures for baskets and chairs. Today, this versatile furniture provides a very ‘beachy’ casual and tropical feel to any room.

The term wicker is actually a weaving process on how the furniture is made. Rattan is the most durable and strongest material to produce this type of furniture. Furniture is literally wrapped into shape by using the peel or skin of the rattan vine. Since Rattan is a 100% natural material, if it is stained and not painted, there will be color variations throughout that makes each piece of furniture unique and one of a kind.

If wicker is painted, its basic construction assures intricate pattern and texture. Rattan also holds up nicely in outdoor areas as long as it is properly sealed.